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Noventure Interim Search


In addition to permanent search, here at Noventure we are also experts in the provision of interim CEOs, CFOs, and other interim C-Suite positions.


we believe

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Even in situations where businesses require executive level talent for only short periods, it is still essential in terms of overall growth, development, and success within the industry for our business clients to ensure they have the right people on board at the right time.

We know that you can still derive long term value even from short term placements. 

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We also believe that our interim talent should have opportunities to work within environments which provide them with valuable experience for further developing their career

Even if they are only in-situ for a defined period


This is why we're committed to carrying forward our unique Noventure approach to interim search

using the same highly tailored process as we do for permanent hiring



The Noventure Process


The Noventure culture fit diagnostic plays a significant role in how our skilled team match the right talent to the right businesses, and this diagnostic forms the foundations of our interim search process. 


When our business clients require talent to come in and hit the ground running…

implementing long term change in short term periods, misalignments in cultural fit can not only be costly but also time consuming.


While cultural fit is becoming an increasingly important consideration in permanent hiring, it is often overlooked in interim placements, which can affect the success of the hire.

At Noventure, we prioritise cultural fit as well as experience and skill, even when searching for short term interim roles. 

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By taking the same approach to interim search as we do for permanent executive hiring…

we provide both businesses and candidates with peace of mind that they’re getting the most from each placement.


Our business clients can be sure that their temporary talent has what it takes to achieve the necessary goals within a defined period.

While our interim candidates know that they’re being matched with businesses that can help them develop their careers, even with the shortest of interim contracts.


Our Cultural Fit Diagnostic

We encourage all our business clients, even those looking to fill interim roles, to participate in our cultural fit diagnostic, helping us to find you the best talent, at the best time, supporting you through important and essential steps towards future growth.

Through our diagnostic, we’re able to find interims with both the skills and the passion to thrive within a specific working environment. There’s no question over whether our business clients have made the right choice, or whether our candidates will share the objectives of the hiring business.

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We’re confident we’ll find the right fit
each and every time



 Interim Search at Noventure

Interim search isn’t about interim value. It’s not about simply filling a void.


At Noventure, we believe that interim search is about bringing the right c-suite executives on board at crucial times in business development, to identify and implement change that will stay with the organisation long after the end of the contract.


Our interims are no flash in the pan

They’re about doing something that only a select few are able to successfully achieve.

They’re about building a legacy, even in a short period. 

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