Noventure is a leading executive search agency specialising in helping organisations build and strengthen their leadership bench.



At Noventure, we understand that both candidate quality and culture fit are key factors for consideration as you recruit candidates to sit on your executive team.


We also understand that this is an area where many organisations feel dissatisfied.

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There is a growing trend in the industry to fill roles as quickly as possible to minimise business disruption, especially when there is an urgent need to make decisions that impact the business as a whole.

However, this doesn’t always guarantee a successful outcome.


Some organisations find that their new hires, while skilled, do not necessarily bring new ideas to the table, or integrate well with the company culture you’ve worked hard to build and nurture.


 This is what the Noventure team aims to change.


We cater to many C-Suite positions, including:

Chief Communications Officer

Chief Internal Auditor

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Risk Officer

Chief Data Officer

Chief Operating Officer

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Rather than focusing on quick hires, we instead turn our attentions to bringing greater long term value to your business through cultural fit, diversity, and inclusion.

We’ll help you to minimise internal disruption while simultaneously working with our growing list of experienced candidates to find the perfect fit.


We strive to deliver candidates that don’t just do the job at hand; we want to provide you with new employees who have revolutionary ideas, alternative perspectives, in-demand skills, and what it takes to help you grow.


We value longevity, not quick fixes that result in increased employee turnover.




We encourage our clients to participate in our culture diagnostic to ensure we help you recruit the right candidate who will strengthen your executive bench.

Through our diagnostic, we provide you with an objective measure of culture fit to help you feel more comfortable with your decision as you make an offer to a candidate.

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But Noventure isn’t just about recruitment.

It’s also about supporting and advising businesses as they grow.

We aim to help organisations to understand more about the people they need on board to help them achieve their goals, whether they're looking for a new Chief Communications Officer, Chief Information Officer, or Chief Financial Officer.


Prioritising diversity and inclusion in our recruitment process, we work with candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, providing your business with an opportunity to benefit from new ideas, new perspective, and new approaches.

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Dedicated to offering a highly professional service, the Noventure team understands the importance of building strong and long lasting relationships with both our clients and our candidates. We’re proud not only to spend time getting to know our clients and candidates, but also to work with them on an individual basis, creating a truly personalised recruitment experience resulting in optimal outcomes.


To learn more about how we can help you to find quality candidates that are set to help your business achieve its full potential, as well as help to enhance your company culture, get in touch with the Noventure team today.

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